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Criminal Law

Violations of law, regulations and statutes, of different degree, are one of the most common cases in civil courts. Given the volume of cases and hearings, procedural complexity, uncertainty of outcome for defendants without legal representation, it is strongly recommended to retain an experienced defense attorney. By doing so, you will (in most cases) relieve yourself form appearance in court, significantly improve your chances of optimal and favorable settlement, and potentially save considerable amount of money in court fees and penalties.Over the course of years, we have collaborated and established reputable relationship with local judges, prosecutors and other defense attorneys. Our approach to defend our clients in the court of law includes all aspects of litigation, from filing paperwork to negotiating settlement, requesting jury trials, early discharges and others.

With respect to criminal cases, we specialize in the following:


Misdemeanors include various types of misconduct, and, depending on the severity of the case, the penalty may range from $500.00 (for Class C Misdemeanor) to $4,000.00 (for Class A Misdemeanor) in monetary fines; the latter type may also include up to 1 year of incarceration. The other consequences include denial of certain types of employment and permanent criminal record. Our defense attorneys, having extensive experience, will strive to either having your case dismissed or negotiating reduced verdict and nondisclosure of criminal history. Whether it’s a disorderly conduct, a mischief, a trespass, assault, public intoxication, or unlawful carrying of a weapon, we are here to upheld and protect your rights in the court of law.

Possession of illegal drugs and controlled substances

Penalties for possession of illegal drugs and controlled substances may vary significantly. It depends primarily on the type of drug or substance in possession, quantity and intent to distribute. Typically, possession of drugs with high potential of developing an addiction such as opiates is the most severely penalized. As with majority of other criminal charges, drug possession conviction may result in long-term or permanent criminal record, compromised social status and reputation, and complications of gaining employment in the years to come. In our organization, we are committed to making relentless and diligent efforts to fight your case with all legal tools and methods available!

Theft charges

As it is with other types of misdemeanors, there is a wide range of theft-related charges. Yet, whether it is a petty theft or higher degree larceny, penalties and fines typically greatly exceed the value or benefit of stolen item. For those facing criminal prosecution, we offer many feasible solutions such as negotiating a settlement in the court, replacing guilty plea with probation term and even case dismissal. Upon certain passage of time (usually determined by probation period) we may provide our assistance to expunge the criminal record.


With the state of Texas leading the nation in alcohol-related accidents, traffic violations and fatalities, it is not surprising that the state is gradually moving toward imposition of zero tolerance policy. Penalties for operating a motor vehicle under influence of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances are among the stiffest in the U.S. and may result in such far-reaching consequences as incarceration, revocation of driving privileges, thousands of dollars in fines, lengthy probation periods, community supervision, etc. Over the course of years, our defense attorneys have succeeded at negotiating reduced sentences and fines, obtaining occupational driver licenses, filing motions for jury trials and petitions to authenticate collected blood or breath specimen during arrest and other legal instruments. Our proven record allows us to assert with high degree of certainty that your legal matters will be resolved in a best possible way!

Possession of illegal gambling equipment

Not a common case by the number of occurrences. Also, due to rather broad and vague definition of gambling devices in the state statute, this type of criminal charges typically provides room for a trial. In addition, it is usually plausible to prove that what was initially perceived as gaming or gambling with intent of monetary gain might in fact be conducted for purely recreational and entertaining purposes.

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